Buyer's Representation

Ready to get the ball rolling?

What is a Buyer’s Representation Agreement you might ask? Basically, it is us making our relationship a little more serious. You show us that you are beginning to get closer to finding your nest, and we show you more of our support and expertise. A Buyer’s Representation Agreement is necessary for Agent-Buyers relations across the board; it constitutes the transition from customer to client. A client is owed a fiduciary duty by their agent, while a customer is not. As a client of ours, Make a Nest will assist you at all times during search, negotiation, closing, and beyond. There is greater peace of mind when you have an expert on your side making sure that your needs will be met. We know what we’re doing!


1. This is a legal document, and should be treated as such. However, you can break this contract at anytime, and be represented elsewhere. In the case that the contract is broken, no rebate will be given to anyone, and our feelings will be hurt.

2. When visiting communities and are asked if you are represented by anyone, you must tell builders that Make a Nest is your Buyer’s Agent. This is necessary for getting a rebate.

3. The Buyer’s Representation Agreement is valid for 6 months, but can be renewed just as easily as it can be broken.

4. You will need to register Make a Nest as your Buyer’s Agent with each and every builder that you visit in order to get a rebate. Lucky for you, this takes less than a minute to do with each builder.

What Happens after I click the "I'm Ready" button?

1. You will be prompted to fill out an extended contact form that asks questions about desired price range and features of your new home, and if you are buying the home with anyone.

2. You will be able to read and sign the Buyer’s Representation Agreement online.

3. We’ll pop some champagne and tell you a bit more about how this whole process will work.