How to Buy a Newly Constructed Home

By Sawyer Timco

August 2, 2020

Buying a newly-constructed home from a builder can be a dream come true for many home-buyers. Everything can be made just the way you like it, and you can feel a true sense of ownership in your new custom space. But buying a new home comes with its challenges and complications, too. Read on for Make a Nest’s tips on buying new, and don’t forget to create an account with Make a Nest to get a 2% cashback rebate on your new home when you buy through us.

Figure out what you are looking for

Buying a “new” home can mean a number of different things, and it’s important that you figure out exactly what it is that you are looking for. You can seek out a plot of land on your own and hire out all the work that you need to be done, buy a completely finished home from a builder that will allow you to move-in almost immediately, or you can start with a lot in a community, and pick a floor plan from a builder. The search can become very broad very quick, so it may be best that you determine which type of new home you are looking for. Some factors to consider when making this decision should be your budget, how quickly you need to move-in, and the location that you want your home to be in. If you need a new place rather quickly, building a home from the ground up may not make the most sense. If location or school zoning is the most important factor, you may want to narrow down your search to a few zip codes or communities.

Amenities, Upgrades, and More

When buying a home from a builder, the features across each home and the amenities in each community will vary. You’ll need to decide which features are important for you to have, and which features come standard on your floor plan.

Another important thing to pay attention to are the appliances that come in a home. For many home-buyers, upgrading to better appliances, like a higher-grade stove, will be worth it in the long run. The appliances must be looked at as an investment rather than a sticker price. When you add up the time that you save from having a dishwasher that actually works, a powerful stove, and an efficient HVAC system, you will quickly see the returns on your investment.

Amenities are another thing that you will need to decide on. One of the biggest pros to living in a new-home community is that the list of amenities is often lengthy. Some amenities to take into consideration are: parks/green spaces, pools, paved trails, exercise rooms, and retail centers.

Finding special deals on homes is often easier than with pre-owned homes. For example, many developers will look to reach a certain quota/percentage of properties bought in their community so they can get construction loans to continue building. This means that builders will be more lenient with their prices and upgrades.

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